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UK open for Travel- Restrictions removed.

We are so pleased to hear the government have announced , the UK is open for travel with restrictions removed for the fully vaccinated as of 11th February 2022.

This means travellers can now freely exit and return to the UK with near normality. You will be required to complete the passenger locator form (PLF) confirming vaccination status, travel history and contact details. However you will need to check the rules to your destination as these rules will still apply.

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Sustainability in Travel.

Aviation is responsible for about 2.5% of carbon emissions. More and more airlines are investing in more fuel efficient planes and looking to increase the use of sustainable aviation fuel.

Businesses are increasingly recognising the impact of travel not least the travel industry itself. This is why Airlines and hotels are taking steps to be more sustainable businesses.

For our part we have put a "green glow" on corporate travel , providing  data to give you visibility of your companies carbon output.

Additionally our booking tool compares flights to rail offering a greener way of travelling,  Where of course it is possible to do so. You can use that data to purchase carbon offsets through numerous carbon offsetting programs.

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